BSB Round 1 – Danny Buchan - 6D Helmets
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BSB Round 1 – Danny Buchan

DB- Danny Buchan:

“Rewarding my team with a 7th and 4th place at Round 1was awesome. My bike has very good speed and pace and i cant wait to get some more racing under my belt. We had a big crash with Josh Brookes in one of the sessions and went down hard, thanks to the kit and 6D Helmets for keeping me protected. Thank you to my team and thank you to the marshals, medics, supporters and my personal sponsors for sticking it out there all weekend, seriously without you guys we couldn’t do this job so thank you. I am now going to smash a big breakfast and then get back to work ready for round 2, we head there joint 7th in the championship. We will be going to Brands with the same mentality. CALM”. DB83

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