BSB Round 2 – Danny Buchan - 6D Helmets
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BSB Round 2 – Danny Buchan


“So we have left Brands Indy with two 12th places, joint P9 in the championship, 9 points from the top 6, now we are getting to some of my favourite circuits, again my attitude will not change towards the race weekends, I’m so happy with how i have worked this year because there have been times i have wanted to rip the old Danny Buchan out and get loose but having such a mega team behind me keeping me calm and working hard it has allowed me to ride calmer with then is better for moving forward and improving the bike and yourself! So overall we have left Brands HAPPY! Calm Danny will be turning up every race with the same attitude, so don’t ask me for expectations because seriously i have none, i/we will work out asses off and come the end of the season we will see where we are. Right now we are sticking to the plan”

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